I finally finished my Marcelle Medallion quilt top!

Marcelle Medallion Quilt Top

I can't tell you how much I love this quilt top. It certainly was a beast to make, and it seemed like I wouldn't finish for years, but I was able to spend a couple of days at a quilting retreat working on it and finally knocked it out.

Marcelle Medallion Quilt Top

The geese were the trickiest part for me, because they were the least forgiving out of all the borders. Next time I'll cut them large so that I can trim them down to the right size (most of mine were too small). The crosses were actually my favorite, even though they were time-consuming. One of my favorite parts of quilting retreats is the opportunity to bounce ideas off others. Many ladies were more than happy to help me think through the prints for the solid borders, which was a great help. We were able to tone down the crazy color explosion of earlier borders and really tie the whole top together with the solid borders. Thanks for your help ladies! I'm so excited about how this turned out. Next comes the hard part - how to quilt it! Any suggestions?

  • Amanda

    I’m really glad you went with the butterflies!! It really makes this work!

    • Jennifer

      Me too! They’re just right.