Renegade Craft Fair

Renegade Craft Fair 2

I went to the Renegade Craft Fair last Saturday with my friends and fellow crafters Amanda, Ellie, and Sarah.

Renegade Craft Fair 1

There were a ton of people there! Over 200 artists participated in the event. After seeing pictures from Maker Faire, I think I expected this to be similar in regards to hands-on events, but there weren’t as many as I thought there would be (and the hands-on booths were packed!). It was still fun walking around and seeing all of the things that local crafters are making.

Renegade Craft Fair 3

I did make out with some good purchases: an Etsy tote, a fat quarter pack from Stitch Lab, and some fabric-covered magnets from Gerbera Designs. It was definitely fun for my first craft fair, and I hope to go to more in the future!

Christmas Decorations

I know I’ve been slacking a bit on the crafting posts, but don’t worry, I have a bunch saved up for you. On a more recent note,

Christmas 2009 Mosaic

I’ve set up Christmas decorations (how did it get to be December already?)! This was especially fun because I bought some items on clearance after Christmas last year, so these items have never been used! It’s like shopping out of your own attic. For free. Some of my favorite ornaments are above; my Baby’s First Christmas ornament from when I was born, some handmade ornaments (yes, the bottom-right one is me at age 7), a fun train that connects together, and of course, a Texas Aggie football player. I can't remember if my mom or I did the cross-stitched ornaments, but my mom did make the plastic canvas snowman and Santa. She also made the blue and green ornaments when I was young (there are around 10 total of the same style, and they are pretty cool). Apparently my brother and I helped, but neither of us remember it. We got our pre-lit tree free on Craigslist last year. (It sure is nice not having to string lights on the tree!) I also found a plain wreath in the attic when we moved in, so I saved it and decorated it this year with old ornaments. I bought the wreath hook last year on clearance also, which makes the total cost of the wreath $2! I’ll shop for more clearance ornaments and ribbon this year to spruce it up a bit more. What Christmas decorations do you have around your house?

Baby Shower Invites

A few friends (including Sarah) and I are throwing a baby shower for a friend, and when we saw these invitations, we knew it was perfect. We made an assembly line, used a bunch of my fabric scraps, and we are so excited about how they turned out. This one with the ladybugs was my favorite. We made them all different, too, so I actually had a lot of favorites, but I couldn't keep them all. :)

Craft Area Makeover

My craft area has been undergoing a bit of a makeover and I thought I'd share! Previously my supplies were only on the top two shelves of a bookcase. Now I have a little bookcase on each side of my free sewing desk that are the perfect height for me to store items on top. I plan to paint these white sometime in the future. I bought some fun-colored plastic bins from Walmart (on the right shelf) for storing scraps, but they are too big for the bookcases, so I'm going to take them back and sew my own bins (much cheaper!). I'm also using some free Easter baskets that I got from CVS (and one extra from a friend) that I cut off the handles from; I'll also paint these white soon. My wonderful husband installed the shelves on the wall. We had a bit of an issue with where the studs are in the wall, but we ended up deciding to put them above the desk, and we used leftover wood from some closet shelves we had to install when we moved into our house. The total cost of the shelving was less than $5!

Future plans (other than painting the bookshelves and baskets) include fabric baskets for the scraps, a corkboard or something similar above the sewing desk, painting the walls, and yes, someday getting new blinds. (I cannot wait for that day to come!) To the right of the picture is a small closet, so I'm not sure what to do with the extra space on the wall there. I can't put anything that sticks out far from the wall. Any suggestions?

File Folder Organizer

I've been eyeing this file folder organizer tutorial for a while now, and since my sewing area was in complete disarray last night due to some rearranging, I decided to make a go at it. Chase decided he wanted to be in the photo this morning, and I couldn't say no to that face (even though moments before he was licking the organizer). He does look kind of King-Kong-ish next to it, doesn't he?

Anyway, this is it up close,

and unfolded. Now I have a cute way to arrange coupons that are set aside for certain stores for their sales. I didn't realize before I started that (a) I really need a paper cutter, since scissors and I don't really get along, and (b) this tutorial asked the maker to be creative and make up a lot of things along the way. Not that I'm complaining; I'm just used to having specific instructions for what color to put where, etc. I survived with having to make decisions on my own, and I included some post-its and a little calendar along with the paperclip pockets. The tutorial even reminded users that if you have an RSVP pen, you can wrap up some paper and insert it so that your pen matches. Love it! This is definitely coming with me to CVS this Sunday. Now on to some sewing!

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