a little shopping

As anyone knows who has been there, it is impossible to go to the International Quilt Festival and not do any shopping. What fun would that be?

Quilt Festival

I thought I did a good job of not buying too much. :) I'm REALLY excited about the mirror ball dots - these have been sold out for a while. The zombie fabric is my favorite. It's just too cute. And I picked up some Flatten starch alternative. Has anyone tried this out yet? It looked like it sprayed a lot more evenly than most I've used before, so I thought I'd give it a try.

HMQG Get-Together Door Prize

I also won a door prize at the Houston Modern Quilt Guild get-together! Woohoo! I won these pretty fabrics and a gift certificate from Pink Chalk Fabrics. There were so many door prizes! Thanks to all the sponsors for donating to the event!

fabric friday

I've been doing a little stashing.


Some Geekly Chic that I missed out on a while ago. Apparently I hit the jackpot!


And some Ghastlies that I've been wanting for ages. I may have gotten Christmas Ghastlies instead of Halloween Ghastlies, but no matter. They're still awesome.


I mean, look at that kid. Haha! I'll have to add some bright colors to this pile, though - it's such a muted line!

a little shopping

Spoonflower FQ by jenniferworthen
I did a little shopping recently. Spoonflower had a sale recently where you could get a fat quarter for free and pay only the $1 shipping. I jumped on the deal and snapped up this selvage print that I've wanted for a very long time.
Spoonflower FQ by jenniferworthen
I mean, seriously. So cute, right?
A Little Shopping by jenniferworthen
I also picked up some prints at a great sale at Pink Castle Fabrics. Some Millie's Closet, a yellow blender, and...
Cross-stitch print by jenniferworthen
a really great cross-stitch print. I don't think I'll ever get tired of cross-stitch prints. I just love them!