Purple Flower

Waiting until we can enjoy our new backyard.


Since the new house is significantly older than our last one, the backyard has a personality of its own that has been created over decades.


Including a vice. Vise?


For now, though, we'll be staying cool inside.



We have quite an active backyard here.


We get a lot of rain, and it's quite humid... all the time.


And aren't these a sight.


These giants sprung up last night too. Seriously huge.


They're probably all poisonous, but at least they're fun to watch pop up!




There's been a bit of an explosion of figs in our backyard.


You see, our new house has a fig tree. It's not very big, and it has a lot of branches low to the ground, so it needs a bit of love. But that isn't stopping it from making tons of fruit. Every day I take more off the tree.


This was just the first bit. Now I have an entire serving bowl full that we keep snacking from. I'd like to can some, but I'm not sure that it's quite enough after all that I keep eating. Which is quite alright with me.


miniature garden party

Miniature Garden

My good friend invited me to a miniature garden party. Now, I had never heard of such a thing, but not only do they exist, but they're the cutest thing ever.

Miniature Garden

I think this succulent is my favorite plant I put in mine. It's such a fun color!

Miniature Garden

More plants. The one on the left looks a little sad, but maybe that's what it is supposed to look like?

Miniature Garden

Another fun succulent, a wooden fence and a mushroom my friend made herself, a bench, and a tiny watering can. I mean, seriously. I had a nice gravel path that the rain destroyed a bit, and I've got room to add more plants, so hopefully this garden will keep growing! Check out what everyone else at the party made too!

plant tags

I've told you all about MyFolia before, right? Because it's totally awesome. Besides the easy plant and seed tracking, seed swapping with members around the world, and a mind-boggling amount of plant knowledge in said members, there is a new feature that I am loving right now:
Waterproof QR Labels by jenniferworthen
QR plant tags. Each of my QR codes link up to its specific plant page, where I can update a milestone or get information on the variety.
Waterproof QR Labels by jenniferworthen
I also printed these tags on some waterproof paper, so they'll be good to go for the entire season.  Stapling them onto craft sticks made them the fastest method of tagging I've done yet. Pretty cool, no?

tomato action

Japanese Black Trifele Tomato by jenniferworthen
Lots of action in the garden right now. This Japanese Black Trifele tomato was the first one I saw in the garden. I thought this plant won the "first tomato of the season" award...
Royal Chico Tomatoes by jenniferworthen
until a couple of days later, I saw these Royal Chico tomatoes...
Isis Candy Tomatoes by jenniferworthen
and these Isis Candy tomatoes...
Yellow Pear Tomatoes by jenniferworthen
and these Yellow Pear tomatoes! Four of ten plants already fruiting. If I had to guess which one fruited first, I'd say the Royal Chico because of the size of the tomato. But the other three aren't far behind, and the six that aren't fruiting yet are flowering, so they don't have much longer.
Spacemaster Cucumber by jenniferworthen
My Spacemaster cucumber wanted to join in on the fun. All 5 cucumber plants have been flowering and growing like crazy, so it would appear that we'll be up to our elbows in cucumbers soon!


Berries by jenniferworthen
How in the world did it take me so long to plant strawberries in my garden? These are definitely my new favorite plants. We're harvesting big handfuls every few days now, and they're so sweet and delicious. Some of them have bites taken out by some sort of animal, probably birds. My puppy doesn't seem to mind, though, because he gets to eat all of those.
Yellow Wonder Strawberries by jenniferworthen
And seriously, I have never tasted anything as sweet as these little berries right here. They are Yellow Wonder wild strawberries that I grew from seed a year ago and are just now producing fruit. They taste like sweet-tarts. Not even kidding. I highly suggest getting some of these seeds and growing your own. You won't be disappointed!

garden happenings

Lettuce by jenniferworthen
There's a bit of action happening in the garden right now. The lettuce is growing like crazy, so much that I can't keep up.
Spinach by jenniferworthen
The spinach is also huge and plentiful. Both of these were planted with my new method borrowed from my mom - sprinkle the whole packet on the ground and see what happens. Lettuce and spinach are surface-sown, so it worked out pretty great with zero effort. I can't recommend it enough! You can see some of the lettuce seeds ended up in places I didn't put them! I also have a surprise cilantro plant growing in the grass. Love it!
Strawberries by jenniferworthen
The strawberries that I bought last fall are still growing strong. I haven't done any coverings during the few hard freezes that we had this winter, so I'm glad they were hardy enough to take it. Lots of little berries are popping up. I'm not trimming any runners in the hope that they'll take over the entire garden bed. Who wouldn't want all those strawberries?
Seedlings by jenniferworthen
The plants that I started from seed mid-January are also doing well. I love how they always seem extra green when they're young. I'm hoping to get these in the ground this weekend!

Gardening 2011 Results

2011 Harvest by jenniferworthen
2011 Harvest, a photo by jenniferworthen on Flickr.

Overall, our gardening year went pretty well. Not everything went as expected (squash vine borers and a record-breaking hot summer), but we still got a pretty good harvest. It's pretty clear what plants worked best for us:

Peas, 1.37 lb
Green Beans, 10.29 lb
4 Squash, 0.97 lb
43 Cucumbers, 15.2 lb
62 Tomatoes, 13.01 lb
21 Bell Peppers
25 Carrots
3 Jalapenos

I've got a bunch of seeds started for the spring already since our average last frost date is less than 8 weeks away. Hopefully we'll have a cooler summer in 2012!