Quilt-along, Week 6

Almost there! I finally finished the quilting stage that was week 6 of the quilt-along. It took a lot longer and a lot more thread than I expected!

But I love how it has turned out. The colors are so bright and fun. I got much better at free-motion quilting by the end.

I picked a plain pink cotton for the back. I think it goes quite nicely. :)

The last week of the quilt-along is making and attaching the binding. I've got it attached to the front, and now I'm working on hand-stitching it to the back. I'm not much of a fan of hand-stitching, but it actually looks really good. I may be liking it a little more now. Hopefully I'll finish soon and you'll get to see the final product.

Finished Quilt Top

I finished my quilt top (week 4) for the Old Red Barn Co. quilt-along! I'm really happy with the way it turned out. So far, so good. I bought my batting and backing, so now I'm ready to make my quilt sandwich and do some quilting (week 5). I'm definitely going to do some practicing first, though, because I am scared to death of this part!

I forgot to write about these two small projects that I did a few weeks ago, so here they are.

Simple ironing board cover, made from this tutorial. Really easy and much better than the last one we had! (I would have used a much brighter and flowery print, but my husband objected to having to iron on a board that is pink. Silly husbands.)

A couple of pincushions out of scraps of my quilt-along quilt material. These will be used for my long quilting pins. :)

Saturday Sewcial

Amanda planned a Ladies' Sewcial last Saturday, and it was so much fun. We all got together (Amanda, Beth, Ellie, and others; sorry if I don't know you have a blog! Let me know if you do!) and sewed for six hours straight. It definitely is more fun sewing with other ladies than by myself!

I was slightly (ok, majorly) overambitious with my projects that I brought to work on. Out of the five that I brought (make that eight if you include multiples), I didn't even finish the first one! I didn't realize that sewing the strips for my quilt would take six hours. That being said, I'm very glad that we had the Sewcial so that I could get it done without getting bored and stopping. It is somewhat monotonous to sew the same thing straight for so long. I finished sewing the strips together and pressed them (the first part of week three of the quilt-along).

Then, once I got home, I planned to cut them into blocks, but I got majorly sick and didn't feel up to it until today. Cutting them was interesting because my mat is 12" by 18", and I have 12.5" blocks. But I got it figured out. Now I have 42 12.5" by 12.5" blocks and 14 3" by 12.5" strips left over. Maybe I'll use them on the back, or maybe for something else, like a matching pillow. I have some extra strips that I didn't make into blocks because I knew I would have a strange number (three extra blocks doesn't do me any good on the quilt), so I have that to think about too. Who knew there were so many options?

Week four of the quilt-along has me stitch together the quilt top. I am quite intimidated of this because I know how big it is going to end up. Huge. Eek. Good thing I'm too exhausted to start today. Maybe tomorrow.

Quilt-along, Week 2

Last week we cut our beautiful fabrics into 2.5" strips. I am still in love with the colors. I only got six strips out of all but one of the 1/2 yard cuts. It looks like I have the choice to either go with it and have a smaller quilt, or cut some of the extra I got to make up for the missing pieces. I think I'll cut more. That's why I got extra!

I can't wait to see them in blocks, which we are doing this week; I'm a little nervous, but definitely excited. I think I'll save some to do at our Sewcial this weekend!


I am bursting with excitement because I am going to do my first quilt-along! Now, you may say, "Jennifer, don't you have enough sewing projects you're working on? Don't you have a quilt top that you haven't quilted yet? Aren't you pretty busy doing a Ph.D. proposal?" Yes, yes, and yes. But goodness knows that I (and from reading blogs, most sewers/quilters) enjoy doing as many projects at once as possible. My use of the word "enjoy" might be a stretch, but regardless, we can't help ourselves. I certainly can't. At least we're never bored.

So, quilt-along, here I come! Old Red Barn Co.'s sew-along is going to last six weeks (see the schedule of events here), and since my two-year wedding anniversary is seven weeks and one day away (I just counted), my wonderful husband is buying my fabric for me as my anniversary gift! This is the first time I will have bought more than a fat quarter's worth of designer fabric, so I am really excited. And I almost forgot - part of the sew-along is the giveaway of a Janome sewing machine, along with weekly giveaways. Can't beat that!

Week One is the gathering of supplies. It took me a really long time to decide what fabrics to buy, but when I saw this stack of fabrics, I fell in love. I bought my 12 half-yards and a yard for binding of Sandi Henderson's Ginger Blossom last night from QuiltHome.com, and it's already been shipped. (Ok, so maybe I actually bought 16 half-yards and a yard for binding. I figure I'll just put together what looks best and if I want a bit on the back, I'll have extra.) I'll post a picture once they come in. If you have the time for a little bit of quilting over the next six weeks, think about joining. It's going to be fun!

Saturday Sewing

Sorry about the dark picture, but I finally finished my quilt top! It only took 10 minutes, so I don't know why I procrastinated for so long. First impression: what was I thinking? It's huge!!! Oh well. It's a little late now for choosing a smaller size. I have the batting, backing, and binding materials, so I'm all ready to make my quilt sandwich and start quilting.

I also sewed my first fabric basket for storing scraps. I followed this tutorial, and it definitely ended up smaller than I expected. I guess the whole "2x2 inch squares" should have tipped me off. Oh well; my tiny scraps fit just fine.

I used a fun fabric for the lining that apparently used to be a shower curtain.

Now my basket sits on one of my new shelves. One down, a bunch more to go!

Free Sewing Patterns: Quilting

Free Sewing Patterns at married to a bmw

Quilt Update

I'm getting closer! I have all 15 of the large blocks done, and I sewed together six of them last night. I'm still not convinced that I will like it, but I'm hoping it's like when you get your hair cut and you look at it while it's in progress, and it doesn't look at all like it will when it's done. Hopefully I'll have time this weekend to finish the top. And yes, that is Chase in my picture. He follows me everywhere. :)
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The beginnings of my first quilt!

I decided it would be fun to try to make a quilt. I have a bunch of random scraps of upholstery fabric that I got for free on Craigslist that I have nothing to do with, so even though it is not the most attractive fabric, it works good to be a trial run and a good learning experience. :) Brian liked the yellows and blues that I had, so I cut out a bunch of squares to do a simple quilt pattern. I am basing it off of a quilt on Film in the Fridge that I loved, and works well because I don't have a lot of scraps to work with.

This is how my first block went - not bad! Again, it's not the most attractive fabric choices, but it will do. Most of my squares aren't exactly square, but I was cutting with scissors, so I knew that would happen. I guess I'm finding out how forgiving quilting is. And here's lesson number one: don't cut a million squares out with a pair of scissors all in a row. My right hand is very unhappy with me. :( I know a need a rotary cutter; hopefully I'll be able to find one on a really good sale.

Last night during Lost I finished the blue blocks. Now I'm on to the yellow squares that will go around white blocks. Hopefully I'll get some time in the next few days to work on it again!
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