When you move into an older house, you find some interesting things that were left behind.


We found this little glass medicine bottle in one of the bathroom cabinets...


and it's almost as old as I am!



I'm starting to get obsessed with the color mint. I've got nail polish, blouses, and sunglasses all in this color, and I recently found a cute strainer in mint as well. We had a yellow strainer just like this growing up, so I'm excited to have one of my own in a fun color. I think I spent a dollar on this. Well worth it.


Playing in the snow

Time for some overdue photos. We were lucky enough to be in a place last Christmas that snowed. For four hours. On Christmas day! Living in Texas, we don't get a lot of snow. And definitely not of this quantity. It was pretty amazing. We took the pup out to play in it for a few minutes, and he LOVED it. 

Snow puppy

Here he is waiting for the next toss. Nothing gets in the way of playing with his frisbee.


The landscape was pretty gorgeous. I wish we got this a little more often! Not a lot more often, though. Just a little. :)

technical difficulties

Over the next few days, this place might suffer from some temporary outages. I'm in the middle of an unplanned hosting move, and, of course, not everything is working smoothly just yet. With any luck, I'll have it all back together soon. Thanks for your patience!

HUGE destash

In an effort to destash a little faster, I'm splitting up my destash bundles into individual pieces. Before I list each them all on Etsy, I thought I'd share with you all what I've got to give you first picks. All of the yardage has been pre-washed, and shipping will exactly what the post office charges me. If you see something you want, send me a message (see tabs above) or leave a comment below. As usual, it will be first come, first serve, and I'll update as soon as something is sold. There's a lot here, and it's nice and cheap, so pass it on to your friends, too!

EDIT:: All fabric has been listed in my destash shop. Thanks!!

Remix Stripe by Anne Kelle Bright, 1 yard - $7
Summer, ½ yard - $3.50
Garden, 1 yard - $7
Bermuda, 1 yard - $7

Wildwood by Erin McMorris
Lotus & Leaves in Gold, 1 yard - sold
Sophie's Garden in Orange, 2 yards - $14
Sophie's Garden in Fuchsia, 2 yards - $14

Tanya Whelan, Darla, Gingham in Pink, ½ yard - $3.50
Lauren + Jessi Jung, Hideaway, Gingham in Tonal Pine, ⅔ yard - $4.67
Sarah Jane, Children at Play, School Gingham in Red, 1 yard - $7

Michael Miller Dots
Play Dot in Bloom Grey, 1 yard - $7
Play Dot in Spice Brown, 1 yard - $7
Play Dot in Sea, 1 yard - sold
Play Dot in Lagoon, 1 yard - $7
Hoopla Dot in Lagoon, 1 yard - $7
Lolli Dot in Sky, 1 yard - $7
Lolli Dot in Orchid, 1 yard - $7

Unknown designer, pink and red hearts, 1 yard - $5
Unknown designer, pink with white dots, 1.25 yards (unwashed) - $6.25
Barb Tourtillotte, Smitten, Red Love Bird Hearts in Cream, 1 yard - sold
Moda Bella in Betty's Red, 1 yard - $5
Riley Blake, Christmas Candy, Diagonal Stripe in Pink, 1 yard - $7
Moda Bella in Peony, 1 yard - $5
Bonnie & Camille, Ruby, Dot in Cream Ruby, 1 yard - $7
Barb Tourtillotte, Smitten. Lacy Hearts in Light Aqua, ½ yard - $3.50

Deb Strain, Always & Forever, Rosebuds in Pink, ½ yard - $3.50
Moda Bella in Lilac, 1 yard - $5
Bonnie & Camille, Bliss, Medallion in Sweet, two large pieces (35"x46" and 26"x26") - $10.50
Moda Bella in Magenta, 1 yard - $5
Cosmo Cricket, Chemistry, Diagonal Stripes in White/Pink - sold
Moda Bella in 30's Pink, 1 yard - $5
Pin Dot Red - sold

Erin Michael, Santa's Little Helpers, Candy Cane Stripe in Snow, 1 yard - $7
Erin Michael, Santa's Little Helpers, Candy Cane Stripe in Brown, 1 yard - $7
Erin Michael, Santa's Little Helpers, Candy Cane Stripe in Jolly Green, 1 yard - $7
Michael Miller, Funky Christmas, Yule Trees in Multi, 1 yard - $7
Michael Miller, Funky Christmas, That's All Stripe in Multi, ½ yard - $3.50
Riley Blake, Christmas Candy, Tossed Desserts in White, 1 yard - $7

Hobby Lobby prints
Floral, Blue/Green, 1.66 yards - $8.30
Swish, Blue/Green, 1.77 yards - $8.85
Dots, Pink & Green, three pieces (.6, 1, and 2.33) - $19.65

Pink floral, 16'x34" - sold
Pink geometric, ½ yard minus two small rectangles - sold
Blue geometric, ½ yard - $2.50
Blue turtle print, ½ yard - $2.50

Green paisley, ½ yard - $2.50
Darlene Zimmerman, Buttercup, Buttercup in Screamin Yellow, ½ yard - $3.50
Sandi Henderson, Meadowsweet, Grand Foliage in Petal, 1 yard - $7
Darlene Zimmerman, Buttercup, Buttercup in Lake, ½ yard - $3.50
Keri Beyer, Proud, Zinnia in Orange, 2 yards - $14
Pin Dot in Bright Yellow, ½ yard - $2.50

Sandi Henderson, Ginger Blossom, Blossom Buds in Avocado, 1 yard - $7
Laura Gunn, Magnolia Lane, Painters Canvas in Brown, 1 yard - $7
Tula Pink, Nest, Eggy Stripe in Leaf, ½ yard - $3.50
Laura Gunn, Magnolia Lane, Painters Canvas in Lemon, 1 yard - $7
Anthology, Folk Life, Wild Flowers in Country Picnic, 1 yard - $7
Pimatex Basics, Mini Dots in Lime, 1 yard - $5
My Minds Eye, So Sophie, Dot in Gold, ½ yard - $3.50


Since I'm closing up my shop, bias tape isn't the only thing that needs to go. I've got a ton of fabric that was supposed to get cut up and turned into tape, but lucky for you all, the Slightly Biased fabric stash is looking for some new homes. I put together ten designer bundles today and have them listed in the shop here. Please take a look if you're interested, and don't forget the coupon code for even bigger savings!

shop closing

I've made the sad/happy decision to close up my etsy shop. Making bias tape now just isn't as fun as it was in the beginning, and since I'm finishing my Ph.D. in the next few months, there are too many things pulling my time and attention elsewhere. I definitely am at peace with my decision, and I'm also excited that I can finally just sew for myself guilt-free. The good news for you all is that I'm going to be clearing out my inventory, so everything in my shop is on sale! Use the coupon code CLOSING20 for 20% off everything listed.

Cyber Monday Sale!

Today is Cyber Monday, one of my favorite days of the year, and I'm having a sale in my shop! Use the code CYBERMONDAY2011 to save 10% off everything in the shop. Happy shopping!